Week 6 – More Experimenting

I’ve decided to step back from my larger pieces at the moment and try and think about what I am actually trying to do, what my work is trying to portray. I want to use this year to progress my practice as much as possible, whilst I have the support and knowledge from the university and my peers.

After using the “Cognitive Defusion” as the basis of my practice, repeating phrases over and over again until they are meaningless, and defuse themselves from the mind. I wanted to focus on the concepts of “The Acceptance Tool,” managing the physical feelings of anxiety and its presence within the space.

For some unknown reason, during times of anxiety I always refer to circular shapes, dominating my space. Through using “The Acceptance Tool” it allows me to condense the object so it becomes manageable, and separate from myself. This is something I wish to develop further. Combining both of these techniques together, here are some examples.

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