Week 10 – Reflect

I have been working on a smaller scale to try and improve my skills and techniques when using the frottage process. Hoping that through experimentation I would be able to understand, reflect and create a series of resolved drawings on a larger scale.

When considering repetition within my work, it is important to understand that this will be more evident within larger works. However, during a group discussion at the university, peers were able to understand the base concepts of the drawings.

Here is some reflection on the drawings I have made over the last week:

Successful factors include:
– Small gaps between each individual drawing
– Void/blank/negative space
– Uneven spacing between the horizontal and vertical
– Uneven spacing from the edge of the page
– Squares inside the rectangular shape of the paper work well when considering composition.
– Lines through the centre of the pill packaging allow them to be understood as medication.
– Holes within drawings show process and embodied drawing within my practice.

Unsuccessful aspects:
– Circular pills lend themselves to relate to Lego, rather than medication.
– Different types of packet on one piece do not work well to show repetition. This could be explored further if in larger groups, rather than one column.
– Larger gaps allow the packets to be seen individually rather than collectively.
-Thicker paper (300gsm) did not pick up enough texture from the cases.

– Whether the black charcoal should go up to the edge of the paper. I think this may be more successful on a larger scale.
– How to frame work if the drawings are so close to the edge.
– The ideal paper to create effect.

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