New Year: Gallery Visit NCCD.

We all start every new year with a clean slate and have many exciting ideas of how we can improve ourselves. This year I have tried to approach things a little differently, I aim to introduce new goals each month rather than overwhelming myself with a long list of changes! So first of all, my aim is to visit at least one exhibition each month. Surely this cannot be hard, I really enjoy discovering new artists and gaining further knowledge on both process, exhibitions and display. However, sometimes within our practice we do forget how important it is to get away from the studios and look outwards.

This month, January, myself and a close friend took ourselves to The National Centre for Crafts and Design (NCCD). Somewhere which I have been meaning to visit for a while now. I was truely impressed by the centre and how it has engaged within the local community. There was evidence of childrens work within the gallery space and their response to some of the artists work.

The Jerwood Makers
I wasn’t quite expecting to see work like this in The National Centre for Craft and Design. I was happily surprised to see a distinct link between what I would consider fine art, craft and design. The work did not over crowd the space and it was great to see the children’s responses to the work which was on show, they had made paper chains and hung them from a wooden structure.

The whole exhibition seemed very organic and discusssed the concepts of materiality within art, using natural materials and shapes.

Liz Pearson
This particular exhibition responds to Pearsons dementia, showing work she had made as an artist. It provoked senses of memory and documentation.

Charlotte Hodes
Further questions what is considered fine art and craft practice through using ceramics as her canvas. Using a mixture of transfers and paper cuts to interlink and connect different images upon them. The video within the space enabled us as viewers to understand her practice fully. Overall there was a sense of time within the work as so much was on display and an explosion of pattern.

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