CVAN Instagram Takeover

As an emerging artist, trying to develop my professional practice and actively seeking new and exciting opportunities, for both exhibitions and work, CVAN has been a site I regularly visit. When they asked me to do an Instagram Takeover for the week, I felt it was an opportunity to share my daily practice with a new audience and interact with a new creative community.

Throughout the week, I shared on their stories, gaining new knowledge and opinions. It has really helped me to situate myself as an artist, and consider which areas of my professional practice I would like to progress.

Post 1 – Understanding the importance of process within my practice, the aspects of experimentation to develop my ideas and fully resolve ideas.

Post 2 – 5 and a Half Years, aiming to highlight and create discussion about the use of medication for mental health problems.

Post 3 – Previous exhibitions of “187 Hours” shown in multiple locations, allowing the viewers, to understand how the work changes in relation to the site it is shown.

Post 4 – Reiterating the importance of process within my practice and the performative qualities of my drawings.

Post 5 – Introducing a different area to my professional practice, engaging participants within workshops to promote the use of art to help mental health.

Next week my fellow ABF Step Change Artist Emily Hett will be showcasing her own practice and give a sneak peak into the review exhibition! Check out her work on

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