6 month Review Week

Alongside the ABF funding and prize we received back in September, we were asked to present our work to show resolved outcomes, progression and the success with The Step Change Fellowship. So, we curated a small exhibition showcasing all the work we had made, including: the mistakes, the developments and the work in progress. It has been a long, stressful and tough week, but has been truly beneficial time to reflect.

Exhibition set-up
When considering how we were going to curate the show between the two of us, it was important to understand the differences in aesthetics and the meaning within our current work. After lots of rearranging and discussion, it felt best to keep the work separate within the space.

To prepare us for the review we put together a presentation, pointing out key changes in our practices, how they have developed, artistic and theoretical research we had found as well as any hints and tips for the students.

In doing this I was able to understand the depth of the research, both practical and theoretical, throughout the last few months. I would highly recommend collating all of this into one file to ensure your key points are apparent throughout.

VIP Lunch Feedback
My mentor, Dr Antoinette Burchill, invited other people from Loughborough University, alongside Tessa Jackson OBE from ABF, to come and see the exhibition. This helped to develop my confidence in discussing my work, especially with people who did not already know my practice. Enabling me to see new aspects of the outcomes which were more successful than others, and consider further development into projects I had put on hold.

The, what you could say, most important part of the week. Tessa Jackson OBE from the ABF came to visit and see our exhibition, have a tour of the facilities and ask us any questions about our current practice. It was a great success as soon as Tessa walked into the gallery space she was able to appreciate and understand the amount of hard work we had put into this fellowship already. So… we passed and will continue a further six months at the university with support from staff and funding. Phew.

I will post some more of the photos of the exhibition in my next post!

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