Collaborative Practice

It’s been a week since lock down and wow a few things have changed. I have been extremely impressed by the adaptations that have been quickly been enforced within the art world. Galleries have closed, studios have closed, but yet there have been more visible art collaborations within the last week than I have seen before.

This has been extremely motivating, to adapt and change my practice to adjust to the current situation. We all need to make the most out of this time and come out the other side proud. So what’s next?

I have been brainstorming and doing lots of research into different collaborative practices, using social media to put these together. So I have put together a group of artists and our aim is to create something uplifting each week, which will then combine together to make one larger image on Instagram. I have no idea how it will go, but right now I feel that is important to keep on creating. This is something completely different to my daily practice, and I am hoping through this playful experiment we will all find new and exciting ways of mark making and producing work!

Thank you ever so much to Emily Arnold, Danielle Blackwell, Amelia Hand, Hayley Stokes and Rebecca Wymant for participating! Click here to view our page.

A few rules we have set so far:~
– The overall image has been designed by myself and then sent off to the individual artists.
– The colour scheme this week is the rainbow, inspired by the help the NHS paintings that others have put into their windows.
– Have fun

I think these rules will have to be stricter within the coming art projects. Hopefully this will become bigger and we will be able to get more artists involved, if you would like to take part please contact me on

We may all be apart, but lets create together!

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