Response to Corona Virus

After I have left my studio and I am currently trying to set up a space in my room to work from home, I have been using this time to carefully to research different ways to respond to the current epidemic. It seems wrong to ignore what is going on in the world right now, and as my art work looks at different ways of coping with mental health I think this is needed more than ever.

I have decided to put together a series of online workshops to deliver to the community to encourage creativity to help promote mindfulness thinking. Encouraging people to think about the lines and shapes in relation to feelings at that time and feelings they would like to bring in. I will be creating live workshops with other art organisations and I’m sure this will lead onto other exciting projects!

The workshops proposed are similar in essence to ones I have previously worked on with Hayley Stokes, a fellow artist at Loughborough University. (Please see the One in Four post to find out more information). Unfortunately, this has been put on hold for the time being, but I am sure we will continue with these workshops in the future!

I will put together a page on my website with step by step guides to help use art mindfully within these difficult times. All a work in progress, lots of adapting to the current situations.

Here’s a couple of quick examples of work made during these exercises … exciting things coming! Yes before you say anything, that is colourful!

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