Exciting Art Projects to Watch, Learn and Inspire!

I have been looking for new and exciting art projects, just to think about creativity a little bit differently! There are so many different things going on right now. Here are just a few which seemed interesting. Let me know if you get involved with anything, or you have any exciting projects you’re leading at the moment!

Moma: Art Courses

Moma is currently offering a selection of their art courses for FREE online. Something to keep you busy during lockdown. Including:

  • Modern Art and Ideas
  • Fashion as Design
  • In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting
  • Seeing Through Photographs
  • What Is Contemporary Art?

If you’re not looking for art courses and fancy getting your teeth into something else then there are a variety of courses available on Coursera’s website.


Activity Pack – Firstsite

A group of well-known artists have put an activity pack together, with lots of inspiring ideas and projects to work on during this time. All of the activities are easy to do with a lack of supplies! So get stuck in and have a go at something new and fun! You can download this activity pack here.


How about something a little bit more crafty. Gathered are putting together daily projects. There are multiple activities to do on there already, from learning how to crochet to how to make pom poms! A great place to get started with things you have never tried before.


The Show Must Go Online

If you would just like a bit of entertainment and a chance to be inspired by a musical that you’ve always wanted to see, tune in on The Show Must Go Online’s Youtube channel. This week Phantom of The Opera is on, only for 24 hours so you’ll have to cancel your plans of watching Corrie for something a little more creative.

Where I found these opportunities:

LU Arts
Are sharing on their Loughborough Creative Distancing Facebook group, plenty of projects, and courses you can get involved in.

Have created uplifting creative lives over on their Facebook. Suitable for both children and adults. Comprising of Motivational Mondays, Crafternoons everyday at 1pm and other artists talks.

A platform I am sure you have all came across over the years. At the moment they are advertising even more available free art courses online.

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