Creating drawings to inspire and create discussion about mental health

Grace Stones

Fine Artist, Workshop Practitioner and Performer

Grace Stones works with charcoal and graphite on paper, creating reflective surfaces allowing the drawings to interact and respond to their surrounding environment, adapting and changing in relation to the space, time and light. 

She uses the mindful, repetitive motion of drawing to cope with her personal experience with mental health. Aiming to question different coping mechanisms, including the use of medication, mindfulness, and therapy techniques.

Each mark is made up of one written intrusive thought, which are no longer legible and raise questions about the public and private discussion. Her process-led practice reiterates the concepts of pain and endurance, as the force exerted onto the paper is evidenced by the imperfections, in rips and tears. Confronting her ideals of perfection within her daily life and artistic practice.

The drawings encourage questions of imbalance and uncertainty, leaving negative space for the possibility of the repetitive process. The most recent project aims to discuss the use of medication, using the frottage to emboss the surface or the paper. Combining this technique alongside repetition has led to further open discussion in relation to benefits of art to mental-health.

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