“Make and Accept”: Cardboard and Recycled Materials

The idea of this exercise is to create and separate the feelings you are currently having, and embrace positive ones. By separating these it is said you may find them easier to cope with.

You will need:

  • A pair of scissors/craft knife
  • Mark making tools, whether this is felt-tips, crayons, pencils, biros, paint etc.
  • Cardboard, whatever you can find. Cereal boxes, toilet roll tubes, packaging etc.

You will need lots of shapes to create your sculpture so begin to think of whether these shapes are different sizes, are they all uniform, is there a mixture of shapes?

1) Drawing Shapes

Think of shapes which are relate to your current feelings.

  • Are they circular and calm
  • Zig-zagged and angry
  • Curly and confused
  • Geometric and structured

2) Cut out the shapes

The shapes should now be cut out, don’t disregard the off-cuts, these could be useful!

3) Decorate the shapes

Similar to the “Scribble and Focus” excercise think about the feelings you would like to bring in. Fill the negative shapes you created with patterns of positivity

  • Calm: Smooth delicate lines
  • Joy: What shapes bring you joy? Bubbles?
  • Positivity: Spring-like shapes
  • Positive phrases
  • Controlled lines
  • Patterns which go against the overall shapes

4) Lock them together

Cut slits into each of the shapes you have created. Now they can slot into each-other and begin to make a 3-dimensional structure. See the video for further information!

5) Draw

Once you’ve created your shape, it’s up to you what you do with it. But if you struggle to draw in an abstract way this could be the beginnings of something else. Here are some ideas of ways to draw:

  • Draw it blind?
  • Draw with the wrong hand?
  • Draw around it?
  • Create shapes within it?
  • Does this shape slot into each other?
  • Does it begin to make a pattern?
  • Is colour important?
  • Has it now transformed into something else?

I hope this has been useful to you! If you manage to make any of these things please post them on Instagram or Twitter with the #makeandaccept.


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