“Make and Accept”: Salt-dough or Clay

The idea of this exercise is to create and separate the feelings you are currently having, and embrace positive ones. By separating these it is said you may find them easier to cope with.

If you have any clay lying around, great.. or even a bit of play dough will do! If not, here is a basic recipe on how to make salt-dough. There is definitely something fun about getting your hand dirty and starting from scratch. Using salt-dough will give you the option to cook and then paint your designs!


Salt-dough recipe

  • 500g Flour
  • 250g Table Salt
  • 250ml Water

Combine all ingredients together until it can make a ball. Then the exciting part. Let’s make!

After you have finished you can bake this in the oven for around 3 hours, or until its hard. Then you can paint/decorate it.

2) Shape

Thinking about something as complex as feelings can be overwhelming. So try and break it down a little. Here are some ideas:

Thinking about the feelings you would like to bring forward 

  • Is the shape smooth/rough, large/small, intricate/bold etc 
  • Again think about how this shape would be occupying your space
  • Is it circular, is it geometric, is it spiky?

You can make multiple versions of these shapes and then even think about putting some together, adding new parts, carving into the existing shapes. Always being present with the feelings you are facing.

3) So you’ve made the shapes

From this, you can then bake it.. or you can now think about drawing it.

Here are some ideas:

  • Draw it blind?
  • Draw with the wrong hand?
  • Draw around it?
  • Create shapes within it?
  • Does this shape slot into each other?
  • Does it begin to make a pattern?
  • Is colour important?
  • Has it now transformed into something else?

Please share any of the things you make on Instagram or Twitter! #makeandaccept

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